How can I automatically purge or expunge deleted email message in Apple Mail?

If you have a Apple product checking email and you notice that your free space for email is not increasing after deleting emails in your Apple mail, this may help.

Mail you have deleted does not appear in webmail but you notice your space has not been freed  up or when you look at Preferences (Gear Icon) -> Data Usage in Webmail that you are still using a lot of space.

If you have this problem are similar problems, you may need to reconfigure your Apple mail app to expunge or "erase" deleted messages regularly. 

Go to the 'Mail' menu, then 'Preferences', then choose 'Accounts' along the top bar.  Choose your Sitestar account, and then click the 'Mailbox Behaviours' tab, and look at the 'Trash' section. You should see an option "Permanently erase deleted messages when".   We would suggest changing the option to 'One day old'.  

If you do delete messages by accident and want to recover them immediately 'View' > 'Show Deleted Messages', then select the messages you want to un-delete and go to 'Edit' > 'Undelete'. 

You can erase the messages immediately, freeing up server space, by finding the menu item "Mailbox > Erase Deleted Items" and choosing your Sitestar account, or right-clicking (ctrl+clicking) on the inbox and choosing 'Erase Deleted Items'.  You can also expunge those items by going into Webmail, selecting Preferences (Gear Icon) -> Data Usage and clicking on Expunge.