How do I read my invoice?

How to read your invoice and terms you may not be familiar with.

  1. You will receive a projected invoice 30 days prior to the date your payment is due.  This is a single invoice that will show you what the next charge to your account will be. On your due date a finalized invoice is posted to your account and you also receive a copy by email.
  2. On both invoices the section on the top left that shows your customer number as well as your name, address, phone number and default email address.
  3. On the projected invoice the section on the top right shows the invoice amount, estimated due date, terms , the outstanding amount of the invoice and a status of projected.  The outstanding amount on a projected invoice is always the total amount of the invoice. 

  4. If you believe you have already paid or should have a credit to cover your invoice you can login to the customer portal to view your current balance.  A balance that says on deposit next to it means you have those funds on deposit with us and available to pay upcoming invoices.
  5. Your finalized invoice will include an additional section that will show your opening and closing balance as well as an invoice number.
  6. The main body of your invoice will show what plan you have, a line item for each service on your plan, the quantity, unit price and amount.
  7. On the bottom left of your invoice you will see notes.
  8. On the bottom right of your projected invoice you will see the subtotal as well as the pending charges.
  9. On the bottom right of your final invoice you will have the subtotal, invoice amount, payments and outstanding balance. 

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