How do I read my statement?

Information on how to read and understand your monthly statement.

On the 28th of each month you will receive a monthly statement showing all activity on your account for the month.


  1. Opening balance:  This is the balance on your account at the beginning of the statement period.  If that balance appears in parentheses this means you have an amount on deposit or a credit on your account.
  2. Payments:  This will list the payment type, a list of amounts that were applied to invoices and any unallocated amount.  On the right it shows the full amount of the payment.
  3. Invoices:  The dates of any invoices, the invoice details, the quantity, the unit price and the total amount for the invoice.
  4. Totals in Period:  This gives you the final total of all payments and invoices during the statement period.  A balance in parentheses means that more money was received that was due for the month.
  5. Closing balance:  This is your current balance as of the statement date.  If the balance says On deposit and appears in parentheses this means you currently have a credit on your account that will be applied towards your next invoice.

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