What is Personal Web Hosting?

Personal Web Hosting refers to a limited space set aside to host personal, non-commercial content on publicly accessible web servers.

Our Personal Web Hosting allows customers to host a small (currently up to 10MB) set of images, HTML pages, and/or CSS files on one of our web servers under the URL of:

http://userwebs.<domain>/<username> or http://userwebs.<domain>/~username

For example, if your username was test@sitestar.net, then you would be able to view your page at http://userwebs.sitestar.net/test or http://userwebs.sitestar.net/~test. (The tilde '~' is optional.)

Personal Web Hosting is included with each of our internet access accounts, such as dial-up, DSL, or Fiber internet -- and also available as a standalone service for $5.00 per month.

Personal Web Hosting includes the following limitations:

  1. Space is restricted to 10MB by default.   Quotas are now enforced when uploading or updating the space via FTP.
  2. No private storage, all files are accessible publicly through a web browser.
  3. No commercial or organizational content.  
  4. No server-side includes (SSI) support.
  5. No server-side scripting support (i.e. ASP, CGI, .Net, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc.)
  6. No directory level configuration such as via .htaccess or web.config files.
  7. No access to logs or statistical information.

If you wish to utilize a web site without these limitations, please consider one of our domain based hosting packages from https://sitestar.net/porfolio/web-hosting