What is the difference between projected and posted invoices?

A description of projected and posted invoices.

Projected invoices are automatically generated by the billing system and emailed out 30 days prior to your scheduled billing date.  

Posted invoices are automatically generated and listed on your account either on your normally scheduled billing date or whenever a standalone fee or purchase is assessed to your account.  Your posted invoices will generally match the information provided within the projected invoice unless a separate fee has been assessed or a change to your subscription(s) have been processed in the 30 day period between the sending of the projected invoice and the posting of the final invoice.

A few distinctions to take note of:

Projected Invoices:
  • Emailed 30 days prior to your scheduled billing date.
  • Emailed with subject:   Upcoming Billing Notification for your account with Sitestar.net
  • Do NOT appear within the customer billing portal.
  • Do NOT list opening or closing balances, nor show pending credits.

Posted Invoices:

  • Are generated ON your due date.
  • Emailed with subject:  Invoice from Sitestar.net
  • Available within the customer billing portal.
  • List both opening and closing balance, thus indicating if the invoice was paid with an existing credit.